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2 x 3.0 GHZ2056Unmetered500 GB2


2 Reviews

$19.441.8 GHZ512 MB100 GB50 GB1


3 Reviews


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1.1 GHZ728 MB500 GB70 GB2


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1.5 GHZ1 GBUnmetered40 GB2


2 Reviews


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1 GHZ216 MB20 GB50 GB1


0 Reviews

$33.963.0 GHZ1 GB100 GB80 GB2


0 Reviews

$4.200.96 GHZ126 MB5 GB10 GB1


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$12.952.1 GHZ5 GB20 GB16 GB1


0 Reviews

$14.001.0 GHZ256 MB50 GB20 GB1


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1 Coupon

4.0 GHZ512 MB100 GB100 GB2

Low End VPS Servers 2.00 (HOT)

Low End VPS Servers - £2.00

Low end VPS Servers are bare-bones servers, useful for testing applications, running software programs and more. Our partner hosting providers often supply us with cheap deals to pass onto out loyal users. Here's the latest offer. To take up any offers just follow the link at the... » read more

Finding A Web Host

Find Your Perfect Web Hosting Provider


Web hosting is the most important element that makes your website smooth and functional for its viewers. Without good hosting, your website will be difficult to access and it may even stay inactive or dormant for long periods. Therefore, if you are serious about your online presence and looking forward to promote your brand effectively on the internet then you must mak... » read more

Installing cPanel to a vps

posted on Jul 25, 2013 under install guide cpanel install ssh deploying cpanel

This guide will show you how to install cPanel onto a VPS, its simple but only experienced users should do this, You can't run cPanel "out of the box"


Let's begin;

Perl must be installed on the server to be sure of this it's best to use the "yum" commands;

yum install perl

Then run the cPanel install,

cd /home
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Hostgator An Honest Review

I have personally experienced what it feels like to be a webmaster I can share its pros and cons. Its been a month now since we purchased web hosting for our blog and sub domains from HostGator. I always wanted to learn how forums works, how files are uploaded via ftp, how html web pages are created and stored on a server and etc. I thought all these things would require great technical skills and it would not be a good idea to put your money at risk... » read more

First2Host VPS Reseller Node

posted on Jul 16, 2013 under first2host vps reseller vps node